Master Painter Park Kyoung Kwui

detail Park Kyoung

Prajna Galleries is truly humbled to exhibit the stunning works of Master Painter, Park, Kyoung Kwui. His intricate, highly-stylized altar paintings ["tangka," known as "taenghwa" in Korean] have an aesthetic which works on a grand scale, yet expresses deeply colorful intimacies. His altar paintings have been commissioned for some of the most important temples in Korea, from classical newly-renovated ancient Buddha Halls in deep mountain temples to some of the new urban meditation centers emerging in Korea's teeming cities. His altar works can be found in famed Baek Dam Sah Temple, the legendary 7th-century Zen temple deep in the Sorak Sahn Mountains, and in Chogye Sah Temple, the headquarters of Korea's largest Buddhist order, in downtown Seoul. His vast Mountain Spirit altar painting at Su Do Am Hermitage in Jiri Sahn is already much-discussed at seminars and symposia. His altar and wall paintings at the Tae Go Sah Temple in Tehachapi, California, regularly draw admirers from afar. And his large central altar painting at Mu Sang Sah International Zen Center, on Kye Ryeong Sahn Mountain, and its accompanying side-altar paintings of Paradise and Protector Gods, is already considered a classic.

Master Park was trained from age 13 in the ancient arts of temple painting. [He was raised in _______________Temple, where he lived and breathed the style of the famed Master _____________, considered the summit of traditional Korean painting in the 20th-century.] Master Park delved deeply into the textual study of Buddhist classical philosophy while studying Buddhist fine arts at Dongguk University. Because of his deep and extensive insight into Buddhist sutras and the lore and mythology of its traditions, his paintings display and reference a tailed knowledge of traditional symbolisms and motifs.

Master Park's works have been exhibited in Berlin and Paris, Los Angeles and _______________. These have generally been curated exhibitions, where his masterpieces were not offered for sale to individuals or non-temple organizations. He has expressly chosen Prajna Galleries to make his timeless work known to a select wider audience. By special agreement with Master Park, Prajna Galleries can offer his paintings for acquisition -- some ready-made but most by commission only.

Meeting with the client, we will discuss the possibilities of more individualized, custom-designed works to fit the client's desired space, whether it be for a meditation center, for a public space or a home.