Shakyamuni Buddha, First Teaching

detail mittleresbild shakyamuni buddha first teaching

Artist: Master Park Kyoung Kwui

Origin: South Korea

Material: Rock Dust Paints

Format Large (cm): H 150, W 80
Price: On Request

Format Small (cm): H 100, W 60
Price: On Request



The picture depicts the first teaching right after Sakyamuni enlightment. In the background are beautiful raining flowers. This beautiful raining flowers prove his teaching. Young Sakyamuni is explaining his enlightenment. In the moment of enlightenment he knows nothing and obtains nothing. But there is a problem. Although he is happy and has enlightenment, there is no need for him to share this enlightenment with others.

He went to his students and taught the Eightfold Path:

- Correct View
- Correct Intention
- Correct Speech
- Correct Action
- Correct Livelihood
- Correct Effort
- Correct Mindfulness
- Correct Meditation