Amitabha Buddha Sculpture

amitabha60 front mittel

 Woodcarving Master Kil-Yang Huh

Origin: South Korea

Material: Ginkgo Wood
Tehnique: Single Wood Carving
Colour: Ginkgo Natural Colour
Finish: Waxed

Dimension (cm): 
 H 60, W .., D ..
Weight: ... g

Price: On Request

This Amitabha Buddha Sculpture Raises Awareness of Our Potential to Fully Awaken.

This Buddha sculpture in the “teaching” gesture represents Amitabha Buddha, the Buddha of compassion. As a great teacher he showed the path to ultimate peace and happiness for all sentient beings and reminds us that we can cultivate the awakening mind within ourselves.
Amitabha Buddha’s eyes are open in a very gentle gaze to express his compassion.  The right hand is at shoulder level, the left at the level of the hips. Both hands – thumbs are touching the tips of the forefingers forming a circle.
Mahayana Buddhism considers Amitabha Buddha as the lord of the Pure Land of Bliss in the West, where everyone relishes eternal youth. The devotional chanting of his name in this world helps a person enter the blissful land and achieve enlightenment after death.
Amitabha Buddha is seated on a lotus throne. As the lotus rises from muddy water to blossom as a pure, uncontaminated flower, it is a symbol of purity and resurrection.

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